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The College has a purpose-built Animal Management Centre, which continues to expand and grow to meet rising expectations and standards of animal welfare. The large number of species accommodated within the animal collection enables students to develop handling and husbandry techniques with animals typically found within the animal management industry.



The Animal Management Centre is currently home to 1200 animals comprising of nearly 200 species, including many of conservation interest. In addition to the many familiar companion animals held, the collection also has a zoo licence and is a full BIAZA member.

A further £2 million investment in animal and zoo facilities has been granted to Sparsholt College, and in 2020 phase 4 development is beginning on a brand new Animal Health and Welfare Research Centre. Find out more here.

We have an extensive collection of zoo species including both exotic and companion mammals, an extensive bird collection with 160 specimens, and the reptile and amphibian department, which is spread over six rooms with over a hundred reptiles, more than a hundred amphibians and nearly 500 invertebrates.

The Animal Management Centre is also a key resource for research and dissertation projects on-site for our higher education students studying Animal Science and Zoo Biology at University Centre Sparsholt. Find out more about our undergraduate and postgraduate courses here.