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What are the benefits to recruiting an apprentice?  

  • Employers say that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications;
  • According to research published in June 2015, apprenticeships at Level 2 and Level 3 deliver £26 and £28 of economic benefits respectively for each pound of government investment;
  • Apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average £214 per week;
  • Apprenticeships enable businesses to grow their skills base resulting in increased profits, lower prices and better products;
  • 87% of employers said they were satisfied with their apprenticeship programme;
  • 76% of employers say that productivity has improved;
  • 75% of employers reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service;

       *Data taken from the DfE Apprenticeship Core Brief – November 2016

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