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Brogan Krook – FdSc Veterinary Nursing Science and BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology graduate and Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVN)

I started the Foundation degree in Veterinary Nursing Science at University Centre Sparsholt. I chose this course as it seemed to have the most desirable work placement schedule and some of the best veterinary nursing facilities, with a remarkable Veterinary Nursing Centre. As the class sizes were smaller, I was able to receive much more personalised support throughout the degree and the whole class are all friends for life – some of which I am lucky enough to work with today!

The course tutor’s and lecturers were incredibly supportive and I feel I could not have completed this degree to the best of my ability without them! With their knowledge and guidance I successfully achieved a Merit in the FdSc degree, RVN status and even won the Plowman’s Trophy for the Best Overall Performance in the Veterinary Nursing Science degree. One of my tutor’s encouraged me to consider a ‘Top up’ degree to a Bachelor of Science (Honours), as they believed in my academic potential and were aware of my interest in wildlife/exotic nursing. With this encouragement I applied for further study onto the BSc (Hons) Zoo Biology course here at Sparsholt. I have now since successfully completed this additional degree, and will be considering a Master of Science (MSc) in the future.

With my South African background, huge interest in wildlife/exotic nursing and conservation I plan to pursue a career in this field. I have also since undertaken a veterinary wildlife immobilisation course in South Africa, gaining theoretical and practical experience in African wildlife nursing.

At the moment I am working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in an amazing emergency Veterinary Hospital that treats all emergency patients from a huge range of branch practices. This is a very exciting and fulfilling job; I get to see so many different cases all day, every day and I absolutely love being able to utilise all of my nursing knowledge and skills, whilst gaining vital emergency and critical care experience.