The VetSkill level 3 Veterinary nursing Diploma course, requires all approved training practices to have a Clinical Coach to work with their students. It is also important that there are sufficient Clinical Coaches to support the number of students in practice.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions, we are currently offering a remote workshop to ensure your Clinical Coach is suitably trained for their new role.

The workshop comprises of two sessions, one ‘core’ and one ‘bolt-on’ session (from a choice of two). There will also be a requirement to attend a follow up Q&A session. The workshop will need to be completed within two weeks of the launch dates.


Remote Delivery Sessions

  • Thursday 15 June 2023 – 10.30am

The workshop will cover

  • The role of the Clinical Coach
  • Using models to support clinical coaching
  • Tutorial process & assessment planning
  • The Nursing Progress Log (NPL)
  • Supporting your student throughout their award
    • Registered Veterinary Surgeon
    • Registered Veterinary Nurse

  • The cost of this training day is free to training practices linked to Sparsholt College or practices that have a Sparsholt student training in their practice.

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Clinical Coach Training Day 2023

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