Sparsholt College Group is delighted to share its new DigiHubs, innovative, dedicated spaces designed to support students and staff with developing their digital skills ready for the future. Featured in the DigiHubs is a selection of the latest equipment such as Lightboards,  interactive teaching boards  and VR headsets. This investment brings an undeniable professional edge to the whole college community.  

The hub will deliver professional development opportunities using a variety of technologies through workshops, demonstrations and one-to-one bespoke sessions to staff and students. The intention is to ready them for an ever-changing digital landscape and ensure the success of all in gaining essential digital skills. 

Forthcoming workshops present staff with learning, mastering and recap opportunities using EdTech tools such as: Teams, Microsoft Lens, Immersive Reader, Flipgrid, Planet eStream and OneNote. These and many other workshops have been put in place to enrich the learning experience offered by College Group staff.  

Kev Bradshaw, DigiEd and Learning Resources Manager said: 

“As a College Group we are committed to staying at the forefront of exploration for new and emerging technologies in order to enrich both our learner and staff experience and skills. With a key focus on building new cultures of collaboration, the DigiHub aims to be the epicentre of digital learning and inspiration at the College Group.”