What will I learn?

This practical course is an introduction to TIG welding designed for learners who are beginners or need to weld for hobby purposes .
Learners progress at their own pace to develop a range of welding skills.

Upon completion of this course, Learners will be able to operate a TIG plant and its parameters.
It aims to give an introduction to the basics of TIG welding, welding procedures, tungsten selection, Tig settings, machine set up and welding of several joints using mild steel.

Where will it lead me?

Produce welded joints in Tungsten Inert Gas shielded welding in different positions

  • Welding of mild steel plate to yield Fillet, Butt, Corner & Lap joints.
  • Tungsten selection, general introduction into welding procedures & technology
  • Setting up of Welding equipment in terms of plant parameters and machine settings

    Entry Requirements

    Please note that during the Covid 19 outbreak, learners will need to bring their own welding gauntlets to the course. These are available at https://www.amazon.co.uk/Portwest-Premium-Ultra-Welding-Gauntlet/dp/B085XLZW1G/ref=sr_1_18?dchild=1&keywords=TiG+welding+gloves&qid=1593510950&sr=8-18

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    • 02/11/2020 - 30/11/2020 (Flexible)
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    Andover College, SP10 1EJ


    18:30 - 20:30