What will I learn?

Managing your personal finances and making decisions about money is an important part of everyday life. This course is designed to help you understand and make the most of your personal finances, including the different financial products and services available, borrowing money and saving money.

Course Content

  • Understanding personal finance
  • Making the most of personal finances

    – Know about financial products and services
    – Know about borrowing money
    – Know about saving money
    – Be able to choose from financial products and services
    – Know how to manage personal finance
    – Understand the risk to personal finance
    – Be able to compare good, products, and services
    – Know about credit scores

    Where will it lead me?

    Once you have completed your distance-learning course you will receive a certificate of completion. You will also have the option of enrolling onto another course if you wish to continue learning new skills.

    Entry Requirements

    Our Level 2 online learning courses are free to EU/UK residents aged 24+ regardless of previous qualifications. Learners aged 19 to 23 are eligible for free courses if they have already achieved a full Level 2 qualification or equivalent. (Learners aged 19 to 23 who have not already achieved a full L2 qualification, may be subject to costs. Please contact the College for further clarification)

    Fee Details

    Free if aged 19+ and if 19-23 must already have a full L2 or above qualification to be eligible

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