What will I learn?

This invigorating course is suited to both beginners and those with more experience of printmaking techniques. Over the course of the 8 weeks we will explore Intaglio, Monoprint, Relief, Collagraph and Hybrid Prints.

Week One;
Drypoint Workshop – An exploration of mark making and intaglio process using drypoint print methods.
Week Two;
Monoprint Workshop – methods and processes of monoprinting. We will explore both additive and reductive methods.
Week Three;
Linocut Workshop 1 – working with lino you will learn how to carve the block. You will prepare a colour reduction print.
Week Four;
Linocut Workshop 2 – Reduction print methods and working on multiple blocks.
Week Five;
Collagraph workshop – Using paper, card, wet media and textures, you will build a plate to produce both relief and intaglio prints.
Week Six;
Collagraph multiple prints – Using a number of small plates you will register and print a multiple plate print.
Week Seven;
Hybrid and Surface Manipulation – Using a number of prints made to date, we will explore methods of reworking the print. Cutting, repeating shapes, hand finishing, adding colour, sewing and embossing. Using previous plates, you may decide to create hybrid prints.

Week Eight;
Presentation. We will discuss methods of presenting your work, print runs and editions. You will have the opportunity to present and mount some of your prints.

Where will it lead me?

Can lead to other courses such as A Level Fine Art or our Pre-degree Foundation Diploma Art and Design subject to a portfolio and interview.
Further part time courses within art and design at the college such as painting.

Fee Details 2

You will need to purchase some plates and blocks. A limited range of materials will be provided for demonstrations, further purchases will be required dependent on your own personal development, these can be purchased from college or outside at your preferred supplier, guidance is given on materials on a 1-1 basis.



Level of Study:



  • 17/09/2021 - 29/10/2021 (VQPRINT/FC01)




Andover College, SP10 1EJ


11:20 - 13:25