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What will I learn?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by external pressures or changes? If so, this course will help you develop strategies to help you feel more in control. The workshop offers you practical, evidence-based techniques to understand and manage your responses to stress.

The day will also help you to develop your resilience, which is the ability to bounce back more easily from pressures and setbacks. The workshop will cover:

  • The relationship between stress and resilience
  • Understanding the causes of stress
  • Assessing your current stress levels
  • Practical strategies for managing and reducing your levels of stress
  • Exploring physical, emotional and psychological resilience
  • Techniques for developing your resilience, so that you can respond more effectively with external pressures and changes
  • Action planning, with strategies for overcoming barriers to action

    It may be possible to modify content to meet individual needs after discussion with the trainer

    Entry Requirements

    This course is for people who would like to improve their ability to deal effectively with external pressure and changes, and to reduce levels of stress and overwhelm. However, the course is not designed for people who are currently facing serious mental health challenges linked to stress.

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    09:00 - 16:30