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At Sparsholt College, our Horticulture students work in industry-standard facilities, giving them the edge when stepping out into the industry. With six large glasshouses, all housing different plants in different environments, our students have the space to succeed in their studies and career paths.

Our tropical glasshouse is maintained at 18 degrees celsius all year round, and houses over 100 different plant types from across the world. This gives our students the chance to work with a variety of different plants requiring different environments to grow, and the equipment and housing needed to grow them across different climates. The glasshouse also features a tropical pond with fish.

In our propagation glasshouse, students are able to work with plants from seedlings to sproutlings. Heated benches allow for plant germination all year round, and automatic watering and misting systems are used, allowing students to get comfortable with industry-standard equipment. Our fogging unit has recently been upgraded with a brand new state-of-the-art computer system.

Our glass houses also hold vegetable plots, used by the RHS, and range of indoor house plants, ready to prepare students for whatever Horticultural sector they choose to move onto.