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Course Tutor BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour (Top Up)

About Me
I am a primatologist and have a broad interest in the entire primate order. During my Doctorate I specialised in chimpanzee cognition and welfare and investigated programme-level social learning, tool selection/use and cognitive enrichment in a group of chimpanzees at Twycross Zoo (UK). I have also studied chimpanzees in the wild, at Budongo Forest Uganda where I studied population number and niche separation within the primate community.

I am currently developing several primate-focused research projects including a study which will investigate behaviour, communication and space use in captive aye ayes.

I started my academic career studying Animal Science at the University of Nottingham where I investigated social development in dairy cattle and learnt about animal production. Thus I am also interested in the behaviour and welfare of production and domestic animals.

More recently I worked in the Science Group at the RSPCA and as a consultant with Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre to investigate and raise awareness of the suffering of pet primates in the UK. I continue to campaign for an improvement in the welfare of pet primates and lobby parliament to improve legislation.

At Sparsholt College Hampshire I am the BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour (Top Up) Course Tutor. This is a part-time blended learning degree which is delivered over two years via campus (block weeks) and internet-based teaching. The course represents an excellent opportunity for those wishing to become accredited clinical animal behaviourists to gain the required qualifications but is also a fantastic pathway for those working in industry or hoping to work in industry to complete an applied honours degree top up.