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Curriculum Leader: Higher Education and Zoo Biology Programmes Tutor

Areas of Teaching Expertise
Herptile husbandry, welfare and conservation; zoo biology

About Me
I’ve been fascinated by reptiles and amphibians since I was a child. I’m also something of a geek when it comes to zoos and these two facts underpin my scholarly and research activities here at Sparsholt. My current research involvements reflect these long standing interests by focussing on herptile (particularly amphibian) husbandry, welfare and conservation as well as zoo exhibitry, visitor engagement and recreational learning. I currently sit on the BIAZA Research Committee and sit on the steering committee of the BIAZA reptile and amphibian working group. I am also the specialist national assessor for herptile husbandry units on the DMZAA; the ‘industry standard’ qualification for zoo keepers in the UK. In addition to the above, I can easily be distracted by talk of dinosaurs and cryptozoology (although that’s a story for another day!)

Recent publications include
Rose.P, Evans.C, Miller.R, Coffin.R & Nash.S (2014) Using student centered research to evidence base exhibition of reptiles and amphibians: three species specific case studies. Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 2(1) pp25-32

Nash.S & Brereton.J (2013) The plight of the electric blue gecko. Practical Reptile Keeping (January 2014)

Evan, C. & Nash,S. (2012). How well do you know your frogs? Interlinking ethology, exhibition and education in the zoo. 14th BIAZA Research Symposium 10-11th July, Newquay Zoo: Newquay, UK.

Rose, P., Coffin, R., Miller, R. & Nash, S. (2009) Ethologically Informed Reptiles: Giving snakes trees. The effect of an enriched enclosure on spatial positioning in corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus). 9th International Environmental Enrichment Conference (ICEE) Paignton Zoo: Torquay, UK

Rose, P., Coffin, R., Miller, R. & Nash, S. (2010). Effects of Choice & Control on the Behavioural Diversity of Western Chuckwallas (Sauromalus ater). 3rd Regional Environmental Enrichment Conference 10th-12th May, Marwell Wildlife: Hampshire, UK.