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Fisheries, Aquaculture and Marine Studies Lecturer and Year 1 Tutor

Areas of Teaching Expertise
Fish Biology, Aquaculture, Water Quality

About Me
I have worked in fish culture in South East Asia and Africa. I am currently studying for a PhD in the impact of pharmaceuticals on river invertebrates. I am particularly interested in what makes fish ‘tick’ – their diversity and physiology. I work closely with a range of leaders in the aquatics industry – including Aquarian, Tetra, Interpret, Hagen and JBL – developing trials and exploring ways that they can support and enrich the ‘Fish’ students and courses.

I am conducting research as part of a part time PhD with the University of Portsmouth, for which I am investigating the impact of pharmaceuticals on riverine invertebrates. This includes environmental monitoring and effects on non-lethal endpoints such as behaviour and feeding. I am anticipating further studies on the impacts of pharmaceuticals on behavioural aspects of reproduction.  In addition, I am interested in larval rearing and optimising the safety of live foods. I work with a number of manufactures in product development and evaluation, as the students then benefit from the industry liaison as well as conducting research that is relevant and useful.

Recent Activities

  • Presentation at the Coarse Fish Conference – ‘The impact of low oxygen on fisheries’
  • Presentation at BIAZA (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquaria) Herptology Conference – ‘The management of filtration systems’
  • Presentation for the British Zebrafish Association – ‘Larval fish nutrition’
  • Have recently written units for the BTEC curriculum for the ED in Fish Management
  • Currently editing a book on aquarium management


Crooks, N., Babey, L., Haddon, W. J., Love, A. C., & Waring, C. P. (2013). Sexual dimorphisms in the dermal denticles of the lesser-spotted catshark, Scyliorhinus canicula (Linnaeus, 1758). PloS one, 8(10), e76887.

Setting up a Tropical Aquarium Week-By-Week. Interpet Publishing; 3rd Edition In press