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  • Waitrose

    There is a Waitrose supermarket on the Stockbridge Road in Winchester.

  • weather in Sparsholt and Winchester

    This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

  • where is Sparsholt College?

    Sparsholt College is about 5 miles/8km from Winchester; 16.5 miles/27km from Southampton; and 74 miles/120km from London.

    Alternatively, the distance from the College to New Delhi is 4230 miles/6810km, to Tokyo 6003 miles/9661km, to Auckland 11452 miles/18,431km, to San Francisco 5348 miles/8608km, and to New York City is 3420 miles/5505km…

  • wifi

    Wireless internet is available across all buildings on the Sparsholt site, and across the University of Winchester campus for Sparsholt student residents in the University halls of residence.

  • Winchester, City of

    Winchester is the county town of Hampshire. The city has Roman origins, though the area has been occupied since prehistoric times. It was the capital of England between the early C9th and the late C11th.

    The city’s claims to fame may include:

    • Winchester Cathedral – the longest cathedral in Europe
    • Winchester College – the oldest public school in the UK
    • King Alfred the Great – the first ruler of what we now recognise as England
    • King Arthur’s round table – the legendary king’s round table which was actually made in the C13th, some 700 years after his reign
    • The novelist Jane Austen died in Winchester in 1817

    For more information see the tourist website, visit Winchester, also the more detailed Wikipedia entry for Winchester.

  • winter at Sparsholt College

    winter at Sparsholt College 

    Calendar-wise, winter is the period between 21st December and 20th March, with the least sunshine in December and January; the wettest months in England being November, December and January; and the coldest months being December, January and February.

    Our average winter maximum temperature in this part of Hampshire is 7.4C, and the average winter minimum is 1.3C.

  • working in the UK

    The main purpose of your stay in the UK is to be successful in your studies here. But most international students are allowed to do some work while you study in the UK.

    However, if your visa states “no work” or “work prohibited” this means that you are not allowed to work, even if this is unpaid work. If your visa does not apply any restrictions to working, you will not require a work permit in order to work, but you are restricted to a maximum of 10 hours or 20 hours per week during term time, depending on your type of course. This will be marked on your visa. And if you are allowed to work, there is no restriction on the number of hours that you can work during vacation time. But it is essential that you should remember that you are here to study, and that your commitments to work should never interfere with your ability to study.

    Most EU and EEA students are not restricted in the number of hours that you can work. But again, it is essential that you should remember that you are here to study, and that your commitments to work should never interfere with your ability to study.