Before enrolling at University Centre Sparsholt, I felt somewhat lost regarding my career path. Despite knowing I wanted to work with animals, I struggled with confidence and belief in my abilities. My journey began when I volunteered at a Rhino Orphanage in South Africa, which ignited my passion for a career in animal care. Upon returning home, I started volunteering at a local veterinary practice. Conversations with students there inspired me to consider formal education in this field, leading me to apply to Sparsholt.

When I first attended an open day, I was nervous and lacking in confidence. However, meeting the lecturers and discussing my fears with them was a turning point. They provided incredible support and encouragement, which helped me overcome my apprehensions and join the course. Their understanding and advice were crucial in helping me take this important step.

The course at Sparsholt was extremely informative and fast-paced, filled with extensive learning opportunities. The provision of all lecture materials beforehand allowed me to prepare and add my notes, which was incredibly helpful for my studies. Regular mock exams and practice questions were invaluable in my exam preparation, reflecting the lecturers’ dedication and effort to ensure our success.

The course also transformed my attitude towards research and essay writing. What I once dreaded became an enjoyable activity, thanks to the skills and confidence I gained. I particularly enjoyed OSCE practice sessions, where readily available equipment helped me perfect my skills for the final exams.

During my first year, I lived on campus, where the facilities were excellent and easily accessible. Although I chose to live off-campus in my second year, I appreciated the option for students to stay on-site throughout their studies. The support from my lecturers was unwavering—they were always available to address my concerns and provide prompt, helpful responses.

Since qualifying, I have been working as a Registered Veterinary Nurse at the same practice where I trained. Sparsholt played a pivotal role in securing my placement, which led to my current employment. I am certain that I would not be where I am today without my degree and the incredible support from my lecturers. They not only helped me gain confidence but also provided the guidance necessary to pursue my career successfully.

Choosing to study at Sparsholt was one of the best decisions I have made. The beautiful campus, supportive community, and comprehensive course content made my educational experience enriching and fulfilling. I am grateful for the opportunities and confidence Sparsholt has given me, and I highly recommend it.

Kodie, FdSc Veterinary Nursing Science Graduate

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