Louis Goodall – BSc (Hons) Wildlife Ecology and Conservation graduate

I came to Sparsholt three years after finishing college, where I studied geography and environmental studies. Sparsholt introduced me to the multifaceted world of ecology and it did not take long for me to feel welcome in my new class and the wider community.

I found the lecturers to be engaging, thoughtful and the content of lessons to be enjoyable. The value of Sparsholt, and the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation degree in particular, resided in the combination of theoretical concepts, the application of these theories and the practical experience all being taught within the course. The blend of these different aspects of ecology gives you a well‑rounded knowledge of the subject in the UK and prepares you for various future career prospects.

My time at Sparsholt allowed me to gain the skills and knowledge to undertake postgraduate education at the University of Minnesota, USA, where I am now studying forest ecology.

Because of my time at Sparsholt I am able to pursue my passion and my dream. I am forever thankful.

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