I felt that an Apprenticeship was the best way for me to learn all the skills needed for my new job whilst still earning money.  I benefit from on-site training in the work place, which I feel is better than just the theory element.  I knew my current employer already and they offered me a really good chance to learn much more quickly and were very keen to put me through an Apprenticeship.  I attend College one day a week and then spend the rest of the work focusing on my work skills.  I have learnt to bone out shoulders and legs of pork and have now got to the point where I no longer need to ask for guidance.  I would like to further my knowledge, skills and speed.

I feel that people will always gain the most experience from learning whilst at work.  Although you study the theory nothing compares to how valuable experience is.

John Owton

Managing Director, Owton’s Family Butchers

There is a skills shortage in the butchery trade, with very few young people considering it as a career.  Having an apprentice is a great way to find young talent and give them a chance to learn the trade whilst earning a wage.  Having an apprentice has also helped to improve our staffing levels and has had a positive effect on our existing staff who enjoy passing on their knowledge.

Maz is a really keen apprentice who always endeavours to go the extra mile to find out all she can about any given subject that she is tackling. This includes the practical side and she is always pushing to develop her butchery skills.

I would encourage employers to take on an apprentice, particularly if you have a team that can take the time to work with them and ensure they are given every opportunity to progress their learning within the trade.  Their peers are our customers of the future so they will know what younger generations are looking for and can bring some great ideas into your business.