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Members of our dedicated Apprenticeship team offer advice and information about the benefits of the Apprenticeship programme, something that we believe in whole-heartedly as we employ several Apprentices of our own.

We also speak to some of our happy customers who share their experiences from the point of view of both the Apprentice and the employer. Who better to hear from than those who have already experienced just how great Apprenticeships can be?



Our friendly and dedicated team are here to help at every step of the way, dealing with any issues that arise and making employing an Apprentice a smooth and fulfilling process for you.

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Thinking of doing an Apprenticeship or taking on an Apprentice for your business? Who better to hear from than our Apprentices and their employers!

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For many, the term ‘Apprentice’ conjures up a particular image – a school leaver, probably on a vocational based training scheme. And although there are many school leaving Apprentices of this nature, there are also many maturer, professional learners working in any number of professional sectors.

Read our Myth Buster and find out why Apprenticeships are not necessarily what you think



We often get asked the same questions, from the benefits to an employer of hiring an Apprentice to how career prospects for Apprentices compare to university graduates.

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Members of Sparsholt and Andover Colleges’ Senior Leadership Team went ‘back to the floor’ as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2014.

Principal Tim Jackson got his hands well and truly dirty with tractor grease at Druid’s Farm Lodge. Working alongside agriculture Apprentice Harriet Warne, Tim donned his wellies and got stuck in at the farm.

Farmer Mike Doggrell was delighted that Tim joined his team to see for himself the high standard of training being delivered in partnership with the College: “Harriet is an excellent Apprentice and makes a valuable contribution.”

Talking about his experience, Tim said: “It’s great to see more females choosing to pursue a career in agriculture and I have been surprised just how much Harriet does and what she is exposed to. This exercise has shown me first hand just how much things have changed in the farming industry.”