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International Assessor for DMZAA

Right from DMZAA’s inception enrolling students from outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, it has been my immense pleasure to watch current and former students develop their skills and career path in the zoo world.

DMZAA encourages students to look at a wide and diverse range of topics, and I firmly believe that the international students have grasped each element of this fabulous course with a passion; they have done this with a professionalism for which their respective zoos should be immensely proud. I count myself extremely fortunate to grade the work of students from UAE, Qatar, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Slovenia, Italy, Poland and Nigeria – and one or two other countries.

The international students have brought that elusive ‘something’ factor to DMZAA; they bring perspective from different regions, they bring a plethora of new and interesting concepts to the world of conservation, education and research, and they have made DMZAA the internationally recognised qualification that it has developed into today.

My students, of which there have been many, have worked in a diverse range of zoos, from those in the beating heart of the deserts of the Middle East, to the more chilly regions of Northern Europe, to the hot and humid rainforests of West Africa.  Each student has brought with them an amazing array of talent and dedication that is reflected through their work. It has been one of my life’s great pleasures to be granted a window into their world through the exceptional assignments they produce.

DMZAA is a two way process between assessor and student; to watch a student develop their work through the feedback I provide is a joy, and to see them move onto the second year of DMZAA is, for me, reminiscent of how it must be for a teacher watching with pride as their students move onwards and upwards in the world.