Virtual Reality (VR) headset chainsaw displays, sawing demos using iPads, robotic mowers

Using the very latest equipment for evaluating decay detection in trees and wood structures

Technological advances in agriculture

Smart sensor aquarium equipped to monitor pH levels and water temperature

  • Sparsholt College’s RHS Chelsea Garden

‘Behind the Genes’ the future of plant breeding, in partnership with Thompson & Morgan

Discover what keeps fish, reptiles, amphibians, ponds and aquatic plants thriving

Integrated Pest Management (IMP) in the horticultural sectors demonstrating biological controls, compatible pesticides and bio-pesticides

High tech orchid growing from tissue culture to plant

Robotic ‘Spider’ mower demonstrations capable of cutting grass on inclines up to 55 degrees

  • Sparsholt Arboriculture, Forestry and Woodland Management

Students will demonstrate tree climbing

  • Sparsholt Fishery Studies and Aquatics

Electro-fishing demos and fish dissection – see how engineering technology keeps farmed fish healthy

  • Sparsholt Ecology and Conservation

Sparsholt College students explain bat detectors, satellite trackers and trail cams to film and photograph wildlife

  • Sparsholt Horticulture

Students demonstrate soil testing and hydroponics