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Crassula Collection

Amanda Whittaker holds 50% of the species of Crassula listed by H.R. Toelken. Amanda has no current plans to expand the Collection but wants to get to know the plants that she currently holds. Amanda started collecting in 2009 and received National Collection status in 2012.

She says she would have been a Plant Hunter like Joseph Banks or Carl Thunberg but at the time it was not possible with a young family. Instead, Amanda became an ‘armchair’ Plant Hunter: meaning the plants came to her. She has had the opportunity to work with Plant Heritage and other Collection holders, Botanical Gardens and the British Cacti and Succulent Society (BCSS) as well as other Crassula lovers from UK and worldwide.

Clematis Collection

The Clematis Montana Group Collection is planted by Val Le May Neville-Parry and are planted out in her stunning gardens in Hampshire. We asked her about her favourite cultivar and she said “I don’t have one, it is like choosing a favourite child”.

There is one plant, that self seeded in a narrow space between the wall and paving, not where it should ever be planted. It is a stunning example and one of the first to flower in the season. Val has named this seedling C. montana ‘Rosie’, after Rosie Yeomans, the NPC Coordinator for Hampshire and the South West. The season starts in May and lasts for around 2 months and Val has different cultivars that flower successively.

Val is an ‘all year gardener’ and has worked on the under-planting and other complementary plants for the Clematis within her garden. She writes for The British Clematis Society Newsletter and enjoys having visitors to the garden. Her garden is totally organic and Val makes leaf mould and compost on site. Many of the plants in the Collection were donated by Mike Brown, who has given up his Collection of herbaceous Clematis in the last year. HRH Prince Charles has just selected a Clematis montana ‘Out The Way’ (named after Val’s house) for the gardens at Highgrove.

Rosa Collection

This Collection of Rosa currently holds around 85% of the pre 1900 shrub roses that are commercially available as well as large amounts that are no longer available.

The Collection was started by Graham Stewart Thomas in the 1950s as he could see that ‘modern’ roses were becoming popular with older types being overtaken. His Collection grew for over 40 years, and is held at the National Trust’s Mottisfont Abbey, under the care of Head Gardener Jonny Bass; National Collection status was achieved in the late 1970s and was one of the first to be awarded NPC status.

The National Trust Collection of pre 1900 Roses is located at Mottisfont Abbey where Jonny Bass is Head Gardener. He became interested as a collector to preserve the older species in danger of being lost due to changing fashions.

  • Crassula Collection List

    Crassula multicava
    Crassula tetragona
    Crassula rogersii
    Crassula aborescens
    Crassula garibina ssp. garibina
    Crassula orato
    Crassula garibina
    Crassula sericea var. hottentotta
    Crassula ericoides
    Crassula perfoliata var. minor
    Crassula cordata
    Crassula sericea
    Crassula atropurpurea
    Crassula hirtipes
    Crassula rupestris ssp. commutata
    Crassula namaquensis ssp. comptonii
    Crassula ausensis ssp. titanopsis
    Crassula deceptor
    Crassula grisea
    Crassula cultrata
    Crassula socialis
    Crassula perfoliata
    Crassula arborescens ssq. undulatifolia
    Crassula brevifolia
    Crassula subaphylla var. subaphylla
    Crassula orbicularis
    Crassula mesembryanthemoides
    Crassula deltoidea
    Crassula perfoliata
    Crassula pubescens ssp. radicans
    Crassula arborescens
    Crassula perfoliata var. coccinea
    Crassula muscosa var. minor
    Crassula muscosa var. obtusifolia
    Crassula muscosa ssp. anquina
    Crassula muscosa
    Crassula ovata ‘Variegata’
    Crassula lanuginosa
    Crassula perforata ssp.
          kougaensis ‘Nealeana’

  • Clematis Collection List

    Clematis montana var. rubens
    Clematis montana var. alba
    Clematis montana var. rubens ‘Tetrarose’
    Clematis ‘Freda’
    Clematis ‘Warwickshire Rose’
    Clematis montana var. grandiflora
    Clematis montana var. wilsonii
    Clematis ‘Broughton Star’
    Clematis ‘Mayleen’

  • Rosa Collection List

    Rosa gallica var. officinalis
    Rosa ‘Blanche Double de Coubert’
    Rosa ‘Boule de Nelge’
    Rosa old blush (syn. R. x. odorata