Student Profiles

Student Profiles


Horticulture is one of my passions. I’ve been in horticulture since I was young and have always enjoyed working outside. I enjoy working outside rather than being stuck behind a desk.

Once I’ve completed my course I’d like to work full time as a gardener to improve my knowledge and experience. I’d also like to travel around the world, using my horticultural experience to get different jobs within the industry.

Taking part in RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a unique, once in a life time opportunity and a chance to gain valuable experience. It is a chance to use the knowledge I have gained at Sparsholt in an important, real life situation.


My Mum is a horticulturist and I was brought up on a small holding and wanted to work outside. I know there’s a lot of interesting career paths.

Following Sparsholt I’d like to gain gardening experience to hopefully get a job in growing or a garden estate. I am looking into organic growing apprenticeships or traineeships abroad.

At RHS Chelsea I hope to make contacts in the industry, represent the College and show visitors what young people can achieve. It is an amazing opportunity and I know it makes my family proud. Everyone is impressed when I say I’m doing Chelsea Flower Show!


After graduating from Newcastle University with an Ancient History degree I started my career as an Estate Agent in London. It wasn’t until on a charity walk raising money for an MS charity that I rekindled my love for the outdoors and want to make a career change. I’ve always enjoyed gardening with my parents so wanted to make a job out of it.

After Sparsholt I’m hoping to work on historical gardens whilst designing gardens on a part time basis.

Being a part of RHS Chelsea Flower Show means a huge amount to me. It will be a great event to have been involved in and a good chance to meet people within the industry and network. Also, it is a great opportunity to see what others are doing within the industry at this time.


I always enjoyed being outside and growing food and have a love of the natural environment including nature and wildlife.

Once I have completed my course at Sparsholt College I hope to get into a position to grow organic produce for local restaurants and would really like to help people to grow food in their own gardens.

Being part of the team exhibiting at Chelsea is a chance to showcase my work at an international flower show. I’m looking forward to meeting like-minded people and other horticulturalists. It’s also a huge opportunity to enhance my CV.


I chose to study Horticulture as I like being outside and want to get into landscaping. The plan, having finished studying at Sparsholt is to get a job in landscaping where I can learn the trade further still.

Taking part in RHS Chelsea Flower Show means a lot to me and it feels like a big responsibility. To me I think it’s an experience of a lifetime and being able to be part of it is an amazing opportunity.


I began horticulture as a hobby, before deciding to build it into my education and career.

My career plans following Sparsholt are to work full time at a nursery or propagation facility.

Being part of RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a great experience for me and a brilliant opportunity to work as part of the team. During this process I have built on the knowledge I’ve learned so far at Sparsholt.



I decided to choose Horticulture as it is a career which is in demand and there are plenty of career pathways to choose from within the industry.

One such career pathway is Greenkeeping at a golf course and that’s something I have decided to pursue once I’ve left Sparsholt.

Taking part in RHS Chelsea Flower Show means a great deal to me as I’m taking part in such a big project. This is a yearly event and it is a large one that only happens in Britain.


I have always enjoyed working outside and have enjoyed gardening from a young age, helping my step-mum with planting vegetables and ornamental plants in her garden which collectively made me want to study horticulture.

The plan following this course is to progress on to the horticultural degree at Sparsholt College. Currently I know I want a career in horticulture but am not exactly sure yet which career path to follow within the industry.

Taking part in RHS Chelsea Flower Show is very exciting. I feel like it is such an amazing opportunity, especially for someone as young as I am. I feel lucky to be part of the plants team as it holds a lot of responsibility.


Originally I trained and worked as a chef for four years but decided I needed a new challenge in life as I had fallen out of love with cooking.

I decided to study Horticulture as I always enjoyed working outdoors as a child and worked on farms as a teenager. Studying Horticulture meant I could go back to something I loved as a child.

The plan after Sparsholt is to continue working on the landscaping side of Horticulture but I am also interested in working in a tree or shrub nursery.

Being part of Sparsholt College’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show team is a great career opportunity for me. It is a great, life changing opportunity. It is not something many people get to do.


My education and career prior to Sparsholt College was varied with the earth sciences, holistic health, floristry and music.  Due to a sudden accident I had to give up my music career but continued with my other passions of nature and science.

I have always loved nature and plants and working with them and other people. Without plants we would not be here so it is vital we continue this important work.

Following Sparsholt I see a career for myself in botany, plant sciences and research into plant breeding.

It is a real privilege to be part of RHS Chelsea Flower Show and I feel honoured to be part of it. I love the challenge and being part of a team, seeing it all come together is really fulfilling.


My interest in Horticulture stems from a desire to want to grow food for people and I would also like to design a kitchen garden or allotment.

Following Sparsholt, I would like to find employment in the industry working with gardeners, landscapers and so on.

It’s a huge opportunity to be taking part in such a great gardening competition. I’m looking forward to meeting important people in the industry and it could be a good chance for work experience.


My family all work around computers and that really doesn’t interest me. I don’t like being stuck inside – I much prefer to be outside, in the fresh air getting messy!

The plan once I have finished my course and left Sparsholt is to work as an estate gardener or use my experience to travel and work worldwide.

It means a lot to me being part of the Chelsea team. It is a huge opportunity for someone as young as me to meet other horticulturalists, get new ideas and use the skills I have learnt at Sparsholt.