BSc (Hons) Equestrian Performance Management

Being a UCS student has not only allowed me to achieve my ambitions, but also inspired me to set new goals for myself in the process. 

I began my journey in the equine industry by completing a Level 3 Apprenticeship at Wellington Riding along with my British Horse Society Assistant Instructor qualification. They then employed me as a groom and I progressed to yard head, and then a coach. Whilst in this role I achieved my BHSII (Stage 4 Senior Coach) which I really enjoyed.  

I applied to University Centre Sparsholt as it was recommended to me by a few of my previous work colleagues that now work there. I also chose Sparsholt due to its small class sizes, facilities and location. There are many advantages to taking a course at Sparsholt - the equine centre which includes many arenas with dressage, jumping and cross-country facilities, and the lovely horses which we have access to ride. It’s great to have that practical aspect of the course and time out of the classroom, and it’s a chance to see things from a different perspective.  

There is a wide range of research equipment including the Rider Performance Studio that we can use for research projects. I felt the smaller class sizes made it less intimidating to start off and to be able to have more discussions and ask questions. The lecturers are all extremely supportive and helpful, they explain everything really well and give you lots of opportunities to go to them if you have any problems or concerns. They also have a huge variety of links to the industry so whatever sector you are interested in; they can help push you in the right direction. 

The main highlight of the course so farfor me are the experiences I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t have come to university, I am really interested in anatomy and physiology, so all of the dissection lectures and lab work I found really interesting and exciting to use all the equipment available. Riding at the equine centre and using the Racewood simulator has made me aware of parts of my riding that I didn’t already know. I have also made some great friends and all our class have worked really well together and been such a great team throughout our 3 years.  

After my BSc, I will be staying at Sparsholt to do my Master’s and then I will look to pursue a career as a lecturer and complete my teaching qualification.   

I would say to anyone thinking of applying to Sparsholt that there is lots of guidance throughout this course to help you decide what you want to do in the future, so if you don’t know what career you want to go into this course opens you up to lots of possibilities. There are work placement modules and opportunities to investigate areas you may be interested in, and the lecturers can really help guide you to how to get into that career path. The qualifications I have gained will enable me to reach my intended career goal but being at Sparsholt has opened my eyes to other exciting career paths. Not only has it allowed me to achieve my ambitions, but also inspired me to set new goals for myself in the process. 

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