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Horses are carefully selected by either purchase or loan to provide students with the opportunity to develop a range of riding skills and provide a diverse research population for projects and dissertations.

With stabling for up to 66 horses, students get hands-on experience with a variety of different horses to practise and learn tailored care and husbandry. Students have access to a range of equipment such as hay bars, a covered horse-walker, weightbridge, hot shower and solarium with infra-red heat lamps, grass rides and cross-country schooling.

Students learn how to monitor their horses health with state-of-the art apparatus, including Heart rate monitors, a full size horse skeleton and ETB Pegasus Limb Phasing Analysis Systems. University Centre Sparsholt is also the only demonstration and training centre in the South of England for Avansce Ltd’s Synchronicity rein analysis system.

sparsholt equine centre facilities

Stabling and Livery Services

Students can apply for Sparsholt Equine Centre’s DIY and Assisted livery availabilities, which include stabling, exercising and riding of the horses. For more information, head to our Equine Centre Pages here.