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Applying through UCAS Extra

What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is a second stage in the UCAS application year that is available for applicants that have not found a suitable course offer so far. So, if you have applied through UCAS, used all five choices on your application and aren’t holding any offers, you might be able to apply through Extra for another course. Extra lets you apply for courses with vacancies between the end of February and the end of June.

Some courses become full before Extra begins, however, most universities will still have vacancies that can be applied for now. You can see these on the UCAS website and the universities’ websites.

Who is eligible?

  • You will already have applied to UCAS and made five choices
  • You will have received decisions from all these choices
  • You will either have had no offers or declined all the offers you have received.

Note: If you decline your offers and add an Extra choice, you will not be able to accept any of your original choices later.

How to apply

If you are eligible for Extra, a button will appear on your UCAS Track screen which you can use to apply for a course in Extra.

The UCAS Search Tool will tell you which courses have vacancies – just click on the left hand side to show the courses available in Extra

Choose a course and enter the details in UCAS Track.

What happens next?

If you apply to Sparsholt and we offer you a place, you can choose whether or not to accept it. If you accept an offer from us or another university, you will be committed to it, which means that you cannot apply anywhere else. So you do need to think about this carefully.

If you decline our offer, or we turn you down, you can apply for a different choice through Extra until it closes for this year. Please check UCAS track for the exact dates for this year.

If you don’t get an offer in Extra, don’t worry! You can apply through our Clearing process, which gives you another opportunity to apply for vacancies. Please come back in August and check our website for full details.

For more information about studying at Sparsholt please email or call us on 01962 776441