We are so proud to hear the news that one of our MSc Equine Behaviour, Performance and Training graduates, Kate Fletcher, has just been accepted for A 4 year PhD studentship at the Royal Veterinary College fully-funded by World Horse Welfare investigating the welfare of equids at slaughter.

The project is funded by World Horse Welfare and is an internationally focused PhD studentship designed to investigate and improve equid (horses/ponies and donkeys) welfare in a range of countries and conditions.

The overall aim is to examine equid welfare during the entire slaughter process, from unloading at the abattoir to the act of stunning and slaughter. This project will provide a detailed overview of equid slaughter practices in key global areas, identify risks to equids welfare, lead to the development and standardisation of transferable pre-slaughter, stunning and slaughter methods and/or guidance that ultimately improve equid welfare – Read More.

Kate’s MSc paper “Contemplating the Five Domains Model of animal welfare assessment: UK horse owner perceptions of equine well-being” which was written in collaboration with UCS lecturers Lorna Cameron and Dr Marianne Freeman has also recently been accepted to the Animal Welfare journal which is due to be published later this year. Find out more about postgraduate degrees at University Centre Sparsholt.