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Current dissertation thesis topics:

  • Salinity tolerance in dog whelks
  • Effect of shading on riverine invertebrates
  • Invertebrates in Urban habitats
  • Habitat preference in tropical forest hornbills
  • Spider abundance and distribution in hedgerows
  • Nest site selection in barn owls
  • Distribution of Woodland invertebrates in grazed and ungrazed woodland plots
  • Habitat use by small mammals in coppice
  • Habitat use of water voles in distribution to grazing pressure
  • Visitor disturbance and public attitudes on bird reserves
  • Bird faunas of woodland in relation to understory habitat
  • Spatial utilisation of enclosures by captive Nicobar pigeons
  • Spatial utilisation of enclosures by captive binturongs
  • Adder habitat use and site connectivity
  • Feeding preferences of garden birds at feeders