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Student Research Projects

Examples of current and recent research titles include:

  • Invertebrates in Urban habitats
  • Visitor disturbance and public attitudes on bird reserves
  • Bird faunas of woodland in relation to understory habitat
  • Comparison of Odonata assemblages in post-industrial Cornish landscape
  • Harvest mouse habitat preferences in a landscape partnership area
  • Comparison of floral diversity in White Mountain National Forest, USA
  • Effects of a gravel augmentation project on a Surrey river
  • Butterfly colour preferences when feeding
  • Woodland fungal diversity in differently managed woodlands
  • Effects of watercress production on Gammarus pulex abundance
  • Bat Foraging at Eyeworth Pond


  • More BSc (Hons) Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Research Projects

    • Effects of trap height in relation to number and species composition of captures of UK macro moths (Lepidoptera) with special emphasis on Hawkmoths of the family Sphingidae
    • Size preferences in Reptile Refugia
    • Does the surrounding area of a New Forest heathland car park have an increased species richness due to recreational activities?
    • The development of footprint tracking tubes in the quest to identify presence of the hazel dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius)
    • Abundance of ancient woodland indicator flora species within a semi natural ancient woodland coppice rotation
    • Can UK wildlife rescue centre data be used to help estimate the population of Erinaceus europaeus and spot trends relating to disease (and injury) within the species?
    • The higher the pheasant release pen stocking density, the further spread the effect is on broad-leaved woodland ground flora
    • Exploration of the relationship between the epiphytic moss, Zygodon forsteri, and its host, Fagus sylvatica