BSc Zoo Biology and FdSc Applied Zoo Science Course tutor

About Me

I am a lecturer on Sparsholt’s BSc/FdSc Animal Management and Zoo Biology degrees and teach on topics including genetics, behaviour and zoo animal husbandry. Prior to lecturing at Sparsholt, I gained experience at ZSL London and Whipsnade zoos, and Beale Wildlife Park. I have developed strong links with several zoo collections,  have an MSc in Wild Animal Biology from the Royal Veterinary College, London, I am also a fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA) . My previous research has covered a range of zoo species including flamingos and invertebrates, and more recently, coatis, parrots and pelicans.

As part of my role at Sparsholt I supervise third-year dissertation projects, particularly those covering the behaviour and biology of exotic vertebrates. University Centre Sparsholt regularly take student work to present at conferences and recent graduates have presented at both the EAZA nutrition conference and the BIAZA research conference.

Recent Publications:

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