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Course Tutor BSc (Hons) Animal Management

About Me

I am a zoologist/ecologist with a specific interest captive and wild animal management. My masters research investigated social and environmental factors on the behaviour of captive western colobus monkeys. During my PhD I studied invasive deer ecology, including genetic and geographic modelling as well as the ecological uses of camera traps.

I began teaching as an education and research officer at Blackpool Zoo, where I was also appointed research advisor to the BIAZA marsupial TAG group. I am a former studbook monitor for the long nosed potoroos (Potorous trydactylus) and ground cuscus (Strigocuscus gymnotis) and have carried out nutritional analysis on both species and compiled BIAZA husbandry guidelines for the long nosed potoroo. I have since worked for Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Edinburgh as tutor for the animal science and ecology courses.

More recently I was senior tertiary education officer for the RZSS delivering courses and lessons and supervising projects ranging from education evaluation, zoo records, welfare and nutrition. In association with Edinburgh Napier University I helped to set up an ongoing captive camera trap project investigating the camera trap detection rates on captive semi aquatic mammals the results of which can be transferred to ecological uses in the wild. I have supervised several student dissertations for the University of Edinburgh’s MSc Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare and BSc Reproductive Biology.

I sit on the British Ecological Society Education and Careers Committee and the Grants Committee. I also volunteer with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and have trained puppies to become qualified assistance dogs.

  • Recent student conferences presentations include:

    Barrett, K., Cameron, L. J. and Freeman, M. (2019). Different Lucerne (Alfalfa) Presentations and the effect upon mastication in horses.  Altech Conference

    Collins, B., Freeman, M. and Hunt K. (2019). Anthropomorphism as a conservation tool in non-charismatic species.  BIAZA 21st Research Conference.

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    Simpson, R., Freeman, M. S., Macri, A., Cox, A. and Riley, S (2016) Long term learning retention in zoo education. 18th Annual BIAZA research conference, Yorkshire.

  • Publications:

    Fletcher, K.A., Cameron, L.J., Freeman, M. and Stones, N. (2020) Contemplating the Five Domains model of animal welfare assessment: UK horse owner perceptions of equine well-being. Proceedings of the BSAS 76th Annual Conference 2020, The Challenge of Change.

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