Lecturer, Animal Management

Areas of Teaching Expertise
Social Organisation, Captive Wild Animals

Twitter: @pauledwardrose 

About Me
I am a part-time lecturer on Sparsholt’s BSc Animal Management degree and an Associate Teaching Fellow of the University of Exeter where I have completed my PhD in the social organisation of captive wild animals. My specific research interests are in the social organisation of giraffe and flamingos within a zoo environment. I have developed strong links with Marwell Wildlife and have helped develop a long-term giraffe research project between them and the College. I have an MSc in Wild Animal Biology and a BSc (Hons).

Currently, I spend a good deal of my time at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) Slimbridge where I am investigating the group dynamics of the flamingo flocks that are held there. I am a member of three international conservation organisations; the IUCN Giraffe & Okapi Specialist Group, the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, and the IUCN Flamingo Specialist Group. I am also vice-chair of the BIAZA Research Committee, with a role in overseeing research that is undertaken in British zoos, and the Research Liaison Officer for the BIAZA Bird Working Group. As I teach numerous units on zoo biology, conservation biology and animal behaviour, I have also helped inform the educational provision of WWT by sitting on their Formal Learning Advisory Group.

I have strong links with several other university departments (including Bangor University and the Royal Veterinary College) where I supervise BSc and MSc students as part of my wider doctoral research project. As part of my teaching and learning experience, from my current teaching at Sparsholt and from previously being course tutor for the BSc AM, I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

  • I run the social media for the IUCN Flamingo Specialist Group and for the BIAZA Research Committee
  • I write a blog of my research at: https://www.wwt.org.uk/wetland-centres/slimbridge/diaries/flamingo-diary/
  • I am currently on-going with my PhD research at the University of Exeter (www.eprofile.ex.ac.uk/paulrose)
  • I have a paper on flamingo behaviour and welfare in the International Zoo Yearbook (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/izy.12051/abstract)
  • I have recently (2013, 2014) published student dissertation work from SCH in Zoo Biology and in the Journal of Zoo & Aquarium Research. See: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/zoo.21018/abstract and http://www.jzar.org/jzar/article/view/12 and http://www.jzar.org/jzar/article/view/23
  • As part of my flamingo research, I have been involved in several pieces of filming for wildlife programmes and for the news, including the BBC national and local TV and radio news back in autumn 2013, the series “Animals in Love” for BBC1 in February of this year, and in June 2014 I worked with Sir David Attenborough for his current series of Natural Curiosities. I am also currently working with Oxford Scientific Films for a new series for ITV due out in summer
  • I attended the Third International Flamingo Symposium in San Diego in October 2014 to present my work to a wider audience of flamingo biologists and conservation experts, and I have been asked to speak at a bird-themed conference in Holland in the summer. I am also planning on presenting some of my research at an international wildlife conference in Berlin in September of this year.