MSc Applied Zoo Biology

“I highly recommend the higher education courses at Sparsholt. I never believed I would come as far as I have”

Since leaving school, I have studied at Sparsholt – starting with the Level Three Extended Diploma in Animal Management and then progressing to University Centre Sparsholt to study the BSc Hons degree in Animal Management and the MSc in Applied Zoo Biology. I was instantly attracted to the Animal Management Centre and the opportunities for work placements within the industry. I prefer hands-on learning, which Sparsholt offers so this was a bonus for me.

The advantages of learning at Sparsholt include being taught by experts in the field. The lecturers are current within research and have had past experiences within zoological collections. They are brilliant, they listen to all my questions and help as much as possible. They are attentive to keeping up to date with tutorials and replying to emails. It’s brilliant to know that they are all experts, and this makes learning from them valuable.

The Higher Education (HE) lounge is helpful for those who want to study after lessons. I have religiously used the HE lounge for four years; I found it easier to focus as there are areas for socialising as well as working. The HE lounge is also open 24 hours which again is extremely helpful when deadlines are looming.

Looking ahead, I know I want to be a primate and small mammal keeper. However, I am also interested in education and would love more experience within lecturing or as a member of education in a zoo. Sparsholt is a well-recognised within zoos and if it were not for Sparsholt, I would have never had a work placement at Marwell Zoo, the place where my passion to be a zookeeper originally came from!

Sparsholt has also taught me how to research current literature to support issues such as welfare, behaviour and nutrition, which is a big part of being a keeper. It is only from achieving a BSc and MSc at Sparsholt that I have gained confidence and would love to progress to a PhD in the future.

I highly recommend the higher education courses at Sparsholt. I never believed I would come as far as I have. The lecturers are so supportive and really do see your true potential to guide you the right direction for you.

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