University Centre Sparsholt lecturer and Fisheries Trials expert, George Hide tackled the subject of the future of aquaculture in a recent TV panel discussion. As a recognised leading expert on the subject, George was invited to join the discussion representing both University Centre Sparsholt and Sparsholt College based on his industry experience. Sparsholt has been a world leader in educating the future members of the aquaculture industry at all levels for nearly 40 years so our graduate alumni are sought after worldwide and we work with all the leading bodies on research to continue to advance good practice in the industry.

” I was keen to be on the programme because I am passionate about aquaculture which is often portrayed unfairly by the media. Farming fish is the only way to meet the world demand for seafood, and both University Centre Sparsholt and Sparsholt College plays a vital role training the fish farmers of the future.” – George Hide


Watch the whole interview below



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