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Animal Management Centre

The College has a purpose-built Animal Management Centre, which continues to expand and grow to meet rising expectations and standards of animal welfare. Recent developments include a range of new facilities for small mammals and extensive renovation of our reptile and amphibian housing.

The large number of species accommodated within the animal collection enables students to develop handling and husbandry techniques with animals typically found within the animal management industry.

  • Animal Collection

    The Animal Management Centre at the College is currently home to 1200 animals comprising of nearly 200 species, including many of conservation interest. In addition to the many familiar companion animals held, the collection also has a zoo licence and is a full BIAZA member.

    We have an extensive collection of zoo species including mammals such as a red panda, lemurs, tamarin, giant tenrec, meerkats and skunk as well as paddock animals such as alpaca, kirk’s dik dik, mara and donkeys. The bird collection is extensive with 160 specimens including, pheasants, parrots, cranes, owls and softbills. The reptile and amphibian department is spread over six rooms with over a hundred reptiles, more than a hundred amphibians and nearly 500 invertebrates.

  • Kennels

    The state of the art kennels are licenced for up to 20 dogs that are at the college on a day care or full board basis. The kennel block also accommodates a well-equipped grooming room. The cattery is home to a range of non-pedigree and pedigree breeds such as Turkish Van, Russian Blue and Bengals.

Veterinary Nursing Centre

Our Veterinary Nursing Centre is accredited to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and is used by them for veterinary nursing examination purposes. The instructors and technicians that work at the centre are experts in their field and passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with out students.

The facility is equipped to represent a contemporary veterinary practice which allows our students to gain realistic experience in a work setting. Our students are able to use these facilities to relate their theory work to relevant practical elements of their future careers.