On Thursday the 9th May, 60 Sparsholt BSc students presented their dissertation project in front of their peers, lecturers and invited guests. It was fantastic to see students turning up smartly dressed and on time with the outcome of their own research summarised onto a poster.

All the posters were presented to a very high standard and after thorough discussions between the reviewers, Zenobia Summers (BSc Wildlife Ecology and Conservation) was awarded first prize for her information packed and well displayed research on the impact of larval foodplant swap on the survival and growth rates of moths (Orgyia antiqua). On an interesting note, her research trial was carried out in her bedroom using tubs of 25 moths that were reared on the three most common foodplants, Willow, Hazel and Bramble.

Matthew Else (BSc Aquaculture and Fishery Management) and Grace Newcombe (BSc Wildlife Ecology and Conservation) were awarded “highly commended” for their posters. Matthew had studied the correlation between levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in fish feed and in the resultant fish carcass, whilst Grace had measured how field margins effect the habitat and population growth of Harvest Mice.

Thank you to all students for presenting their research and willingly answering a wide range of questions from the reviewers.

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