BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Behaviour  

My desire to expand my knowledge and pursue a BSc in Animal Behaviour, aiming to become a Clinical Animal Behaviourist, led me to Sparsholt. 

The UCS BSc Applied Animal Behaviour course, known and respected in the industry, aligned perfectly with my aspirations. The geographical convenience, coupled with having family nearby, made it an ideal choice. 

The Sparsholt experience exceeded expectations. The course leader, also my supervisor, demonstrated exceptional dedication, fostering a passion for animal behaviour and welfare. Lecturers, experts in their fields with strong industry connections, provided both academic and practical knowledge. Block weeks and tailored modules accommodated my work schedule seamlessly. 

Acquiring diverse skills proved invaluable. Enhancing behaviour consultancy skills and refining communication between dogs and owners were notable highlights. Academically, I developed research skills, leading to the publication of my dissertation and an unexpected postgraduate role. 

The facilities at Sparsholt were not only welcoming but also cultivated a strong sense of community. Lecturers went above and beyond, creating a positive and inspiring learning environment. Shared meals, including ‘chippy Fridays,’ became cherished memories. 

Building on my research, I earned a PhD in canine behaviour, welfare, and technology under my Sparsholt supervisor at another university. Currently, I serve as a Postdoctoral researcher at the University of Winchester, contributing multiple publications on canine behaviour and welfare. Additionally, I run my own business in London as a Clinical Animal Behaviourist. 

Sparsholt not only helped me achieve my initial ambitions but propelled me beyond them. The course’s inspiration led me to discover a passion for research, prompting me to pursue a postgraduate degree. 

Sparsholt is not just an institution; it’s a warm community that fosters personal and academic growth. The unwavering support I received and the positive impact of those I met shaped my journey. If given the chance, I would do it all again, Sparsholt is my happy place. 

 Dr Nicky Shaw PhD 

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