Lecturer in Agriculture

Areas of Teaching Expertise
Agricultural ecology, plant-invertebrate interactions, water quality protection, avian behavioural ecology and monitoring

About Me

I hold a BSc (Hons) in Animal Science and an MSc in Wildlife Management and Conservation from University of Reading. My PhD investigated the role of multifunctional field margin vegetative strips for the support of ecosystem services. I am also a licensed and active BTO bird ringer, a farmland wildlife surveyor and consultant for habitats, birds and invertebrates.

Twitter: @ClairesTaiao 

Researchgate page: Claire Cresswell 

Recent publications:

Newcombe, G., Cresswell, C.J., Norris-Hill, M., 2019. Effects of arable field margins on hedgerow nesting habitat preferences of Harvest Mice (Micromys minutus). Proceedings of the South Downs Research Conference 2019, West Sussex, UK.

Cresswell, C.J., Cunningham, H.M., Wilcox, A., Randall, N.P., 2019. A trait‐based approach to plant species selection to increase functionality of farmland vegetative strips. Ecology and Evolution, 9:4532-4543. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/ece3.5047 

Cresswell, C.J., Wilcox, A., Cunningham, H.M., Randall, N.P., 2018. Can you design a multifunctional vegetative strip using plant traits? Aspects of Applied Biology 139, Ecosystem and Habitat Management: Research, Policy, Practice, pp. 33-42.

Cresswell, C. J., Cunningham, H. M., Wilcox, A., & Randall, N. P. (2018). What specific plant traits support ecosystem services such as pollination, bio‐control and water quality protection in temperate climates? A systematic map. Environmental Evidence, 7, 2.

Blowers, C. J., Cunningham, H. M., Wilcox, A., & Randall, N. P. (2017). What specific plant traits provide ecosystem services such as pollinator support, bio‐control and water quality protection? A systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence, 6, 3.