Fishery Studies and Aquatics

The industry links here at Sparsholt brilliant!

Hi I’m Aiden. I’m doing Level 3 Fisheries Management at Sparsholt College. 

I chose to come to Sparsholt because fishing has always been a passion of mine and I wanted to pursue it as a Career. After doing a little bit of research this seemed to be the place that really stood out. 

I’ve really enjoyed my experience at Sparsholt because they have brilliant facilities along with professionals who are acting as teachers which really helps you to get into the industry. 

The facilities at Sparsholt are really really good. We have a lake for fishing which is brilliant for people who are on the fisheries and the land-based sector courses. We also have a Salmonid Rearing centre which is brilliant, and we get to look at all the different salmonids and how their life cycle works. 

The lecturers here have real life experience they work as river keepers, and one of them also came through the ranks here and then came on to work here. The industry links here at Sparsholt brilliant as well – we get to go and do work experience, which is how I’ve managed to find some of my work. Not only does Sparsholt give you the qualifications to do get work, but it also pushes you into those industries and into meeting the people who you need to meet. 

Next, I’m looking to go and work in the Coln Valley which is sort of the heart of fishing in the UK. I’ve managed to find work through Sparsholt working on a trout farm and getting experience on a trout river.   

I 100% recommend Sparsholt for anyone who’s interested in fisheries because personally it has boosted me into a career and I truly believe it could do it for you as well!