Additional Learning Support


We have a dedicated Additional Learning Support Team, who want to help you reach your potential comprising of:

  • Learning Support Workers
  • Key Workers
  • ALS team leaders
  • SpLD Assessor/Specialist
  • SEN Officer

We aim to remove barriers to learning ensuring students achieve their outcomes. All of our support programmes are personalised to meet the needs of the learner as well as fostering independence in learning.

Our staff work across the college teams, organising and implementing a wide range of support programmes, each tailored to the learner.

If you would like further information on the support we can offer please contact or

    • In-class support.
    • One-to-one support sessions.
    • Study and assignment workshops.
    • Access arrangements.
    • Assistive technology.


We also work closely with a variety of different partner agencies to ensure the best experience for our students.

All students with an Education Health Care Plan will be allocated a key worker and will have weekly sessions to help reach EHCP outcomes. We work closely with the learner’s local authority to access all aspects of the services available in the area. We prepare learners for adulthood, including employment, independent living and accessing the local community. Person-centred reviews are carried out to help set aspirational goals

Within the ALS Hub we have a drop in lounge area, which is always supported, access to computers, small group and 1:1 rooms.

If you would like further information on the support we can offer please contact or




Wellbeing Support


Starting college and studying a subject that you are passionate about is exciting but it can be daunting too. We know how important it is to stay focused on your studies but recognise that life can get in the way sometimes.

That’s why we have a highly experienced Student Wellbeing Team to ensure you are able to cope with any obstacles life throws at you and to offer information and support. The team includes specialist wellbeing practitioners, Counsellors and nurses. The team are dedicated to listening and empowering you to resolve any challenges you might face to enable you to be as successful as possible at college and beyond.

The wellbeing team is focused on enabling learners to become increasingly independent learners and individuals, with the resilience to cope with the challenges they face now and in the future.


    • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
    • Relationships
    • Support Children Looked After
    • Support Young carers
    • Finance
    • Home
    • Alcohol and drugs
    • Medical healthcare plans
    • Sexual health advice

  • Top 5 Tips

    • Make sure you eat well
    • Talk about exam nerves
    • Get enough sleep and exercise
    • Be organised
    • Take breaks from revision

    Click here to see more exam tips

    Other wellbeing tips

    • Balance studying with other activities you enjoy
    • Accept yourself! Don’t compare yourself to others
    • Keep in touch with friends and family
    • Unplug from technology every now and then
    • Focus on the effort you put in more than the outcome
    • Reward and treat yourself when good things happen

  • • If you have a diagnosed mental health condition, we can agree a support plan for you so that you can come to college and achieve your chosen qualification.
    • If you have an unspent criminal offence, this does not necessarily prevent you from studying at Sparsholt. We can usually agree a support plan for you so that you can come to college and achieve your chosen qualification.
    • We offer confidential one to one sessions to talk about any issues you may have and together, we will agree an action plan.
    • We can give confidential support on sexual health matters. There is also an on-site sexual health clinic held once a week.
    • If you are a looked after child, care leaver, young carer, young parent, LGBTQ+ or GRT – let us know. There may be additional support for you.
    • We have a college nurse on site for our residents or those with complex medical needs, as well as a counselling service and dedicated careers team.

    These are examples of what we can do but come and see us with any issues or queries you have – we are here to help!

  • We are excited to announce that we have been collaborating with Mindapples, the charity who help people take better care of their minds.

    Available for Android and iPhone, you can learn about boosting wellbeing, managing stress, getting motivated and understanding your personality. The content on mental health and wellbeing is free for everyone, and then there are subscription modules on more advanced topics.

    The content is all drawn from peer-reviewed research from psychology, wellbeing and cognitive science and based on our popular training programmes, which were found by the University of York to help people of all ages maintain their wellbeing during stressful times.

    Students can download the app and log in with a special code, provided by the Wellbeing team on campus.

Our specialist team are always on hand to provide a friendly, non-judgemental service, if you have any concerns or need support please contact us:

Call 01962 797579