Students travel to Sparsholt College from all over the region, so we aim to make the journey as easy and cost effective as possible. Whether you’re getting the train from Southampton, Eastleigh, Totton or Basingstoke or the bus from across Hampshire and the county borders, we’ll help you find the best way to get into College.

Please check the route listings below for your nearest location and price details, and if you need further information please contact our transport team on 01962 797346 or If you prefer to bring your car to College, student parking is available onsite.

Campus Direct Buses

All students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct when using the Campus Bus service. Find out more here

  • Safety Measures for Transport 

    You will find that we continue to have numerous safety measures in place to keep our college community safe, such as one-way systems, extra cleaning, hand sanitising. If you’re using College-arranged transport, we ask you to wear a mask/face covering to be able to travel.

    Only students observing bus regulations are permitted to use campus buses. You must always wear a mask whilst queueing for, boarding, travelling on and getting off campus buses. If you are not wearing a mask in the bus queue, you will not be allowed to board the bus. The college will refund remaining campus bus fees and refuse right of travel for any student who does not observe the requirements.

    The government “expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas such as public transport” to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. The college therefore expects all students, unless exempt, to wear face coverings on college transport including coaches, buses, and minibuses.

    The college will continue to monitor bus queues and all students accessing each bus. If you suspect that breaches of this code of conduct are happening on your bus, please notify Student Services.

    Please Note:

    • Students displaying Coronavirus symptoms will not be permitted to travel on the college buses
    • If a student begins to display Coronavirus symptoms whilst at college, they go to an isolation area and the Wellbeing Team will inform their next of kin to arrange collection
    • Students who have advised us of their exemption from wearing a mask for medical reasons are not required to wear a mask as detailed above
    • Face coverings are freely available around campus or ask a member of staff. Please dispose of them in a bin.
    • We will review our safety measures again prior to Half Term in October.

    Thank you for you understanding and support in keep our student community safe

  • Our private campus direct coaches can take you to College from a variety of locations. Exact boarding points, routes and arrival/departure times will be notified at the end of August 2022 and may vary from previous years. We regret that boarding areas are carefully considered by the college and we are not able to alter or add stops. Please note the College reserves the right to withdraw a boarding point if an alternative option is available.

    Campus Bus Timetable – Updated 02.03.2023

    Please note that this timetable is subject to change, ensure you check the timings for your stop again at the beginning of September

  • Annual Academic Year Prices 2022/23


    Campus Bus

    Band A – £630

    Band B – £745

    Band C – £815

    Band D – £915

    These fees are confirmed for 2021/22.

    This payment can be spread at no extra cost by paying an initial payment of 10% at application and the remaining balance over 9 months by direct debit – interest free.

  • Information about our bus or train pass cancellation and refunds can be found here

Public Transport Travel

We offer a range of passes which enable you to pay for your public travel effectively.

  • This pass includes rail travel to Winchester from the following locations, plus a Stagecoach pass to get you from Winchester to the college on the hourly Number 7 bus service (valid during term time only and excluding weekends):

    • Ashurst New Forest (B)
    • Basingstoke (C)
    • Botley (B)
    • Eastleigh (B)
    • Hamble (B)
    • Hook (C)
    • Micheldever (B)
    • Millbrook (B)
    • Netley (B)
    • Portsmouth Harbour (D)
    • Portsmouth and Southsea (D)
    • Redbridge (B)
    • Shawford (A)
    • Sholing (B)
    • Southampton Central (B)
    • Southampton Parkway (B)
    • St Denys (B)
    • Swaythling (B)
    • Totton (B)
    • Woolston (B)

    Annual Academic Year Prices 2022/23

    Train and No. 7:

    Band A – £655

    Band B – £845

    Band C – £960

    Band D – £1040

    If Stagecoach operates in your area and you would like a Stagecoach bus pass to get you from home to the train station, you may upgrade to a Stagecoach Megarider pass. The price of this is £420. For more information about Stagecoach services please visit their website.

    Stagecoach Gold StudentRider Pass

    This pass can be used on ANY Stagecoach bus in Hampshire during the academic year, including weekends and holidays. This is the most cost-effective pass for students travelling from Andover. The prices for this pass for 2021/22 are:

    Annual Academic Year Prices 2022/23:

    Stagecoach Gold StudentRider Pass – £795

    You can also apply for a Megarider Gold and Train package – price bands for 2022/23 are:

    Train and Stagecoach Gold StudentRider Pass:

    Band A – £1075

    Band B – £1265

    Band C – £1380

    Band D – £1460

  • Stagecoach Bus

    If you live in the Winchester area and only need to catch the No 7 bus, you can buy a Stagecoach bus pass for just this service. The cost of this for 2022/23 is £400.