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To inspire learners to recognise and achieve their full potential, we believe in and value:

Team work
Valuing others


Strategic Plan: 2013 to 2016


Our Vision

Building upon the good reputation that our College enjoys for the quality and standard of its learning provision, the four cornerstones of our Vision for the College in 2016 are:

  • Sparsholt College, the Specialist Further Education College

    The Specialist Further Education College, recognised locally, regionally and nationally for providing outstanding specialised further education in land and environment, sports academies and sustainable technology with a focus on learner success and progression to Higher Education and employment.

  • Sparsholt College, the Specialist Higher Education College

    The Specialist Higher Education institution, a key national and international provider of specialist higher education in the applied science of land, environment and sustainable resource management which excels in ‘research into practice’ at Foundation, Honours and Masters Degree levels. 

  • Andover, the Successful Community Tertiary College

    The outstanding community Tertiary College, integral to the Andover community, a key educational partner successfully servicing demand in NW Hampshire, East Wiltshire and West Berkshire providing a vibrant range of academic and vocational courses with a strong focus on learner success and progression to Higher Education and employment. 

  • The Corporate College, working with employers to support their success

    The expert trainer of choice for business and industry, providing a comprehensive offer characterised by high-quality timely and bespoke interventions and a suite of Apprenticeships that meet employer needs and positively impact on the success of their business.


Our Strategic Priorities

High quality provision within an environment that ensures outstanding teaching, personalised guidance and support, which enables learners to develop their curiosity, knowledge skills, and achieve qualifications for their career success.

Sophisticated, current and readily available information and analysis to support timely and effective guidance for students and employers, which informs decision-making to improve quality, whilst maintaining financial strength and efficiency and minimising the environmental impact of college operations.

Harness college resources through innovative, sustainable and profitable commercial activity which underpins the financial health of the college and benefits our learning communities.

The forging of key strategic alliances to secure our market prominence and influence, in order to be able to focus on projects and products with high-value impact for our commercial customers, our learning communities and the College.