Sparsholt Student Profile Alex




Access to Higher Education

Before I came to Sparsholt I was a full-time barber. I thought to myself, if I could choose to wake up and do something every day and not even be paid for it, what would it be? I decided that ‘thing’ would be working outside with wildlife/nature.

I saw that Sparsholt had a few relevant degree courses and attended an open event. I was pointed towards the Access to HE course, as this would give me the necessary qualifications as well as a good taste of each discipline of degree on offer, allowing me to finalise a decision of what I liked and didn’t like before signing up to a full degree.

I absolutely loved the course. After being out of education for years I thought I would really struggle, however, this simply wasn’t the case. There was a perfect balance of supported and independent learning and a very wide range of subjects covered. It really mentored me into the academic way of thinking and writing and gave me a taste of all disciplines. The support from Sparsholt lecturers and Student Services has been amazing and I wouldn’t have finished my Access course if it wasn’t for them.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of this course in setting me up for my degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation.

I have secured a job as Country Parks Officer at a local Borough Council. My degree and base level of science provided by the Access course could also open up opportunities in many other areas such as lab work or other science related careers. I am also working towards my dormouse licence because of Sparsholt.

Sparsholt is very well respected within the land-based community. Almost everyone you speak to went here or knows someone who did. The lecturers are active in industry and research and this is also a bonus because you get contacts and relevant knowledge that will help obtain positions.

If you are considering a degree in a relevant science, and haven’t got the necessary qualifications, in my mind there is no other choice but to do the Access course. It truly is fantastic – the lecturing quality and support is amazing and the skills I obtained have helped me immeasurably on my degree.