Motor Vehicle

I will miss everything about Sparsholt!

It was an easy decision to choose Motor Vehicle at Sparsholt. I had been coming here one day a week on the 14-16 programme while I was at school, which made me feel well-prepared. The first person I met was my tutor Dave. He is brilliant, so friendly and supportive. He’s really easy to talk to and you can tell he enjoys what he does. 

After a year I joined my first Level 2 full-time Motor Vehicle course, then the second and I am now on my Level 3.

My favourite tool is the windy gun in the workshop. We also have a dual control car and the college can help with general driving experience. Our lessons are in a great warm workshop and my group is quite small so it is easy to learn. We have links with the Industry Work Placements team who were helpful in trying to source a placement with me. 

I loved the go karting trips we do – we have a league and it gets quite competitive. It’s a good way of getting to know people and interact with other year groups and broaden your social group. I’m blown away by Sparsholt. I have some medical issues and the whole team have been so supportive, they went above and beyond to help me, especially when I was in hospital, which really helped when I returned to college. They are so kind.  

My ultimate goal is to be a light aircraft or helicopter technician, working on decommissioned aircraft. With any kind of mechanics the principles and physics are the same, if you know the basics you can transfer your skills across.  

I will miss everything about Sparsholt – the atmosphere, the opportunity for learning – if there was another Motor Vehicle course above Level 3 I’d come back and pay for it!