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The Animal Adoption Sponsorship Scheme at Sparsholt College makes a unique present for any animal lover. Choose to sponsor one of the animals from our range of species and rare breeds and learn more about our conservation efforts, breeding programmes and rescue stories.

Each annual pack costs £25 and includes:

  • Adoption Certificate
  • Fact sheet
  • Coaster
  • Plaque at the Animal Management Centre
  • Invitation to Animal Adoption Open Day
  • 2 Newsletters

Any queries, please email


Choose from our animals to adopt now:

  • Mya the Red Panda

    Mya our Red Panda is a real bundle of mischief. Adopt Mya and learn how the college supports the Red Panda Network in its efforts to raise awareness about conservation of the species.

    To adopt Mya click here


  • Pepe the Skunk

    Pepe is a real favourite with our students. He’s very obliging in training lessons, completing mini agility courses. He hasn’t sprayed anyone……. yet!

    To adopt Pepe click here


  • Meerkats

    Our active trio of slender-tailed meerkats are popular characters with inquisitive natures. They help our students with behavioural studies and entertain the crowds during Public events.

    To adopt the Meerkats click here


  • Donkeys

    Paddy, Murphy and Rocky are real characters – Murphy has the classic donkey stubborn streak! Adopt this trio and learn how they initiate our students in the ways of donkeys and take star billing at the annual Nursery Nativity!

    To adopt the Donkeys click here


  • Ripley the Owl

    Northern White-Faced Owl Ripley was hand reared by our Animal Management staff in 2016 and is now used to teach students about birds of prey.

    To adopt Ripley click here



  • Mulder the Laughing Kookaburra

    Mulder, our laughing Kookaburra is a bit slow when it comes to training but we still love her! Adopt Mulder to learn more about kookaburra and other members of the kingfisher family.

    To adopt Mulder click here