Level 3 Game and Wildlife Management 

Future Plans: After college I’d like to progress on to deer management 

“I enjoy all elements of gamekeeping, from helping set up the rearing fields to running lines in the shoot season.

The course so far has been challenging and has pushed me to think more like a gamekeeper, which is helping me grow into capable young adult. One of the most important skills I have learnt is to manage all sides of a habitat, so you are working with nature rather than against it. The lecturers are always there to help you improve your ideas on a drive, management or even rearing and we also get to rear different types of birds like quail which is great hands-on experience.

A typical day at Sparsholt is always fun, especially when you are shooting in the rifle range or out on neighbouring farms.  The atmosphere is great, you gain some good friends and we all help each other to achieve our goals.

After college I’d like to progress on to deer management. Sparsholt has helped me prepare for this by helping me learn more about deer and using the Sika herd we have on site to understand behaviour. The course has also helped me to become more confident and able to work with people of all ages and experience, with the contacts to help young adults like me find their way in the industry. It is a great experience to have!”

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