All courses in Arboriculture, Forestry and Woodland Management have access to a wide range of facilities, both on campus and in the surrounding areas. Off campus, extensive use is made of local forests, woodlands and arboreta for visits and practical field trips, together with operational planning and assessment exercises.

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On campus, our Sawmill and timber processing area is a key learning environment for students to develop their skills in adding value to products and processing. Industry standard equipment, such as chainsaws, brush cutters, and strimmers, are held in secured workshops, and used in safe training areas, where students are able to get essential machine skills development. Students also have access to a variety of tractors and forestry equipment to ensure safe practise and experience of moving timber.

Both on and off campus, students gain hands-on experience in safe tree climbing practise areas to enhance their climbing skills. This means students are exposed to a wide variety of trees, giving them the practical knowledge to move forward into their chosen career paths. Local forests provide management practise and expert training to commercial standards, and give students the opportunity to develop a network of industry contacts. Students also have the chance to become involved in projects such as the national student climbing competition to widen interest and experience.