Charlotte Blackmore

Level 3 Animal Management

Future plans: to study a degree in International Wildlife Biology at the University of South Wales

“I have always had a keen interest in animals. My cousin studied at Sparsholt and told me all about the amazing animal collection and the supportive lecturers. A Taster Day helped me to confirm this, and when I arrived it certainly did not disappoint!


The lecturers have been incredibly supportive, encouraging us to achieve our best and always there to help us move forward with our studies. I learned so many new things every day and was always excited to go to my lessons.

I will be studying a degree in International Wildlife Biology at the University of South Wales when I leave. After this, due to encouragement from my lecturers, I am looking to pursue a Master’s degree, and then a PhD. I ultimately hope to carry out field research in wildlife conservation.

Sparsholt has provided real industry experience at the Animal Management Centre. Such a wide range of animals inspires a passion for all species, not just the cute, fluffy ones!  I have also worked at Marwell Zoo and at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center as part of the work experience unit.

Recently, 10 students were selected to present their work to Jim Mackie, Animal Behaviour and Training Officer at ZSL and experience some practical training with him and the Sparsholt team. Jim then selected a few students to shadow his training at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo for a day. I was one of the lucky three, and am really looking forward to the opportunity.

Because of the effort the staff make to provide us with the best chance possible, I feel more than prepared to go onto university, and ultimately into the animal sector. I have a Zoo Employability Skills Training portfolio which has set me apart from others and that potential employers have absolutely loved. My time at Sparsholt has been a dream come true!”


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