Learning at Work Week is an annual event that takes place in May and is designed to promote workplace learning and development. The goal of the week is to encourage employers and employees to engage in learning activities that can help improve skills, knowledge, and job performance. This year, Learning at Work Week will take place from the 15th of May to the 21st of May, and there is no better time to explore the many learning opportunities available through the Innovation South Virtual Campus (ISVC) https://em3.isvc.co.uk/.

The Strategic Development Fund (SDF) recently received a £2.6million funding bid which has allowed the creation of these courses. The ISVC is an e-learning platform that provides free access to over 100 hours of green skills courses covering topics like sustainable resource management, retrofit, and carbon literacy. These courses are designed to help individuals and organisations develop the knowledge and skills needed to address environmental challenges and promote sustainability in the workplace.

With the ISVC, employees can access a wide range of courses, making it easy to fit learning into the busy work schedules. Whether you are looking to improve your knowledge of sustainable resource management, learn about the latest inventions in retrofitting, or gain a better understanding of how to reduce your carbon footprint, the ISVC has something for everyone.

Learning at Work Week is the perfect time to explore the many learning opportunities available through the ISVC. By taking advantage of these courses, individuals and organisations can enhance their skills and knowledge, promote sustainability, and contribute to a greener future. So why not make the most of this week and start exploring the many free green skills courses available through the ISCV today? https://em3.isvc.co.uk/