Sparsholt teaching staff have been working behind the scenes to create a range of online Applicant Welcome Activities for applicants getting ready to join us in September.

In Lockdown many Year 11s have found their exams cancelled or postponed, leaving a gap in their educational calendar. To help these students continue learning and ready to transition to college in September, the College has created a wealth of online resources on its virtual learning environment for applicants to access.

Pages of learning resources, quizzes, videos and reading materials have been collated by the expert lecturers at Sparsholt, and are now at the fingertips of college applicants to access from the comfort of their own homes. The activities have been designed to be completed over the course of the next few months and will be regularly updated giving applicants the time to prepare for their first term at Sparsholt in September.

Principal Designate, Julie Milburn says “We may all be working very differently at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead and start preparing for college life now. That’s why we’ve introduced our new Applicant Welcome Activities – they’re crammed full of exciting activities all related to the chosen course, to give applicants a real insight into their subject and chosen career.”

“We know applicants may be nervous about joining college, and no more so than during these challenging times, but if they engage with these activities, they will be better prepared than any of our students have been in the past.”

The activities, although designed for Sparsholt College Applicants and delivered direct to their inboxes, have been published on the College website and shared with Year 11s via their schools – so students all over the region are able to access and learn from these educational materials

By using these online resources, Sparsholt College applicants will be a step ahead in their preparations for starting college in September.

Head over to our Applicant Welcome Activities pages now to get started!