Level 3 Conservation and Wildlife Management students recently completed restoring a section of river bank on Chilbolton Cow Common, on behalf of Chilbolton Parish Council.

The Common is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, as well as being a focal point for visitors to the area, and the section of river worked on is a carrier from the River Test.

The task involved replacing a section of collapsed timber river revetment, as well as installing a new pipe across the bridge approach and resurfacing a section of path.

A total of 27 students were involved in the project which took place over three days, and the work involved a large amount of digging out of old structures which were then replaced with new boards and posts, hammered in by hand. The newly installed pipe across the path should hopefully alleviate flooding issues next time the river level rises.

The group worked very hard to ensure a good quality and long lasting job that was in keeping with the surroundings, and will be back to do more work on the Common in the autumn of 2015.

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