The Workplace Challenge is a national programme developed by Sport England which aims to engage workplaces in sport and physical activity. Employees across organisations up and down the country are encouraged to sign up and log levels of sport, physical activity and active travel online, whilst competing with other workplaces, friends and colleagues at the same time. The more activity you do, the more points you get… and points make prizes!

Staff members across both campuses have signed up to the challenge and are taking part in a wide array of exercises including yoga, biking, cross fit and climbing.

Dave Millings (Sport) is currently leading the challenge having logged the most activity. He says, “As a keen fitness fanatic myself it’s great to see so many colleagues enthused by such a great initiative. Not that I’m too competitive but it’s great to be in first place!”

Various other Colleagues are feeling the benefits from regular exercise. Danielle Durrant (Horticulture) had this to say about the challenge: “Taking part in a variety of physical activities plays a vital role in the management of my fitness and health. Being a sufferer of asthma I felt I was limited in my physical ability. However, I have nearly given up the use of the inhalers and as a result I take great pleasure in running, spinning classes, mountaineering, climbing, mountain biking and canoeing on a regular basis.”

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Nick Harrison, College Sport Maker